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$1500 per 2 bots/week ($750 per additional bot)
Have SketchBot draw a logo or branding? (+$500)
Will you be using Picture Mosaics' Photo Capture iPad App? (+$500)
  • This is the start and end date of your live event. If your event is a single day, simply choose the same date for both. We will plan to have your SketchBot(s) arrive at least three days before your event. Return shipping should occur within two days after the event (not including transit/delivery times). Ground return shipping is included (continental US only).
  • SketchBots will be connected via USB to a single laptop. Up to 12 SketchBots can be connected. A single sketch can take 30 to 50 seconds depending on the size and complexity. Using multiple SketchBots can help to decrease wait time for the guests.
  • Not all logos can be drawn by the SketchBot, such as complex or highly detailed images. As an alternative, you could have your logo/branding pre-printed on the paper/material being used for each sketch ahead of time. We will review the logo or branding to feasibility and make adjustments as necessary. The bottom 4" x 2" is available for branding, however we recommend keeping a 0.25" margin around all sides in this area, so the actual workable area is 3.5" x 1.5".
  • The MosaiCapture app is a versatile and simple way to capture and send photos to the SketchBot system for sketching. User data (e.g. name, email) can also be captured using this app for lead generation. The MosaiCapture app can be used in photographer mode or photobooth mode.
Total: $1,500.00
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